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Half bullnose
Half Bullnose is popular edge profile that is rounded on the top edge of the tile. Very versatile and looks good in almost any application. Half bullnose  can be applied to any tile and has the fastest turn around time.
Full Bullnose
Full Bullnose is a classic edge profile that is rounded on the top and bottom edge of the tile. a Full Bullnose and gives a round look to the tile edge. This fully rounded edge is designed to soften the tile edge and to create a small overhang that adds a simple but effective finish.
A Bevel edge is a straight profile that gives a edge a sleek angled look. This angled edge takes away the sharp edge of the tile that could be prone to chipping
Della Terra has invested in the best quality Italian profiling machine. This machine is equiped with standard and custom designed profiling wheels that can accommodate a wide variety tile and stone profiling. Della Terra’s advanced machinery and experience enables them to transform any tile into a perfect finished tile edge.  Our bullnose and edge profiling process produces factory quality results.